Pañuelo | African Peacock | Verde y Azul

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Unique and quality cottons are HAND SEWN (rolled hemmed) in San Miguel de Allende.

Our handkerchief/pocket square cottons are source from our travels around the world. Each handkerchief is selected for its unique design* and or fabric weave.

SA | South Africa
with it's rich and bold colors these unique designs are sure to pop and make a great addition to any outfit.

From Ankara Prints to Shwe Shwe fabrics, South African fabrics have been some of the most unique and colorful fabrics we came across in Cape Town.

Material: Cotton
Orgin: South Africa
Stitch: Hand Rolled Stitch (no heavy stitch pattern by machines)

We suggest 30x30cm for suit jacket pockets

*pattern may vary depending on size and cut of cloth